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Our home terminal is located in Camilla, Georgia. Nestled in the piney woods of South Georgia, Camilla is convenient to North Florida, South Alabama, and Interstate 75. The small town is known for its southern hospitality, sense of community, quaint downtown, and some of the most beautiful quail hunting plantations in the South. Looking for an escape from hectic city life, then come to Camilla where family, faith, football, and the great outdoors reign supreme.


Our company was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of two brothers: Wade and Warren Sexton. Sexton Farms started as an actual working farm in the 1970s in Baker, Florida. As hard times fell on farmers in the area, the Sexton brothers decided to buy and operate a truck in an effort to survive the economic downturn. One truck grew to two, two grew to four, and so on. In 1995, the rebranded company was incorporated and relocated to Camilla, Georgia.  By 2004, the Company had grown to 27 trucks and into a successful small business. But with the growth and success of the company came a more complex and challenging business environment that needed a higher level of management to ensure continued success. In September of 2004, the Sexton brothers sold the Company to Roger Holleger, an entrepreneur with extensive management experience in the US and Europe. The company was purchased by a newly formed entity, Sexton Farms, LLC.  Under Holleger’s management, Sexton Farms has continued to grow in both size and stature. In 2018, the company operates 60 trucks and over 200 trailers and has positioned itself as one of the top temperature-controlled carriers serving the Poultry Industry in the Southeastern United States. In addition to fleet assets, Holleger has invested in building a management team that is poised to lead Sexton Farms confidently into the future.

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